Our company, ARCMED has started its commercial activities concerning the installation of hospital medical gas systems in the capital Ankara by setting out from the principle that human health would not accept any risk and has taken its place among the leading companies in medical gas sector.

It has, for years, presented the products of high-tech and superior quality standards of various brands for the use of sector with economical costs without unbending from vocational ethical rules it owns.

It has gained a place in medical sector with the vision of manufacturer company by having all necessary authorization and quality documents with the name of ARCMED registered.

We are an institution specialized in the field of activity in internal and external market with product models having an easy use and modern, technological, high quality standards with all the equipments used at the production of our products with ARCMED registered trademark, growing and getting widespread daily with its young and dynamic team, closely following any development of health sector in the world, transferring its experiences to the applications.

It has without slowing down going on at the path of medical success by believing in the importance of applying creative ideas and improved technologies for developing quality product and service and preparing itself for bigger targets in the future with its specialized team.



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