Dental Vacuum Plant

Central Vacuum Systems with Disinfection” have been designed in order to carry out disinfection and neutralization in a controlled manner before the liquid medical wastes coming from the dental units are send to the sewer system. Disinfected central vacuum systems provide dentists with the desired health and suitable working environment with the high vacuum power they provide. These systems store the liquid medical wastes coming from the dental units within its own structure and then neutralize and disinfect it before sending it to the sewer system. This process is monitored online, the necessary disinfectant substances are automatically dosed into the waste with the dosing unit and given to the sewer system when it is suitable for the required discharge condition. Thus, the unwanted bacteria and organisms that threaten our health contained in liquid medical wastes are also eliminated. In addition, heavy metal particles such as mercury and silver, which are very harmful to the environment and human health, are prevented from being released into nature by filtration with amalgam separators. The system performs all these works fully automatically thanks to the PLC automatic control unit.

Technical Features

- Providing a suitable and healthy working environment for dentists
- Preventing liquid medical waste from causing blockages
- Preventing the risk of waste kickback
- Eliminate the risk of cross-infection from kickbacks
- Ensuring the healthy, fast and reliable collection of the fluid in the mouth
- Collecting the particles scattered in the air with the liquids
- Minimizing the risk of spreading infection from devices in the dental unit
- The ability to detect the filling level of the tank with control systems
- Ensuring the continuity of the vacuum
- Ensuring synchronized operation of tanks
- No noise in the working environment because the vacuum source is not in the environment where the dental units are located.
- Filtration in accordance with EN ISO 11143 standards
- Sequential and simultaneous commissioning of pumps
- Use of special galvanized vacuum containers inside and outside

Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance net with engineers, technicians of ARCMED provide high quality service and maintenance

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