Manifold Systems

Automatic manifolds are the systems which reduce from high pressure gases coming from outside to appropriate pressure

  • Conformity with all relevant standards

  • Easy mounting

  • 150 m³/ hours pressure reducer capacity

  • Automatic Change Over

  • Valve that seperate racks

  • Emergency terminal unit

  • Security valve to discharge 800 kPa

  • The second pressure reducer to precision adjustment for first pressure in the system

  • By sealing system, it enables easy dissamble

  • CE marked

Technical Features

- Manifold system is designed to provide gas under a fixed pressure to the MGS between two equal rack by the control panel
- Transmission from the active rack group to the substitute rack group is provide automatically
- There is a high pressure reducer and precision pressure reducer for each racks in the system
- Gas values can be monitored by manometer
- Unit has pressure regulating valves for each racks and control system is designed according to ease of maintenance
- Cylinders can be changed, on the pressure regulating valves removed for overhaul without loss of continuity of the gas supply

In addition to central alarm is comformity with RS 485 protocol;

- General system pressure
- Right and left rack pressure
- Pressure of emergency support system
- Pressure of liquid oxygen tank

- The tubes connect the system via racks
- By racks single, doublex, triplex, quadruple quintet desired amount of tubes are available
- System components;

- Flexible coupling between tube and rack
- Flexible coupling between rack and rack
- Restraining chains
- Relief valves
- Spheric gas valves

Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance net with engineers, technicians of ARCMED provide high quality service and maintenance

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