Medical Vacuum Plant

They are modular systems providing central aspiration.

  • Conformity with all relevant standards

  • Easy mounting

  • There are models for laboratory and dental applications

  • Pre-tested

  • CE marked

Technical Features

- System is composed of; one, dublex, triplex, quadruple pump option,
- Reserve tank
- Antibacterial filter group
- Security jar
- Central alarm and inner otomation panel
- The system, with is specially produced otomation panel, enables equal aging of the compressor by engaging more than one pump (doublex, triplex, quadruple) by order and with same periods.
- System details can be monitored over the building otomation.
- Enables, monitoring pumps maintenance time.

Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance net with engineers, technicians of ARCMED provide high quality service and maintenance

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