Area Valve Service Units

Fast and easy installation, minimum maintenance requirement

  • Conformity with all relevant standards

  • Options of flush mounting or surface mounting

  • Plate stainless steel product electrostatic powder coating options

  • Trustable and easy usage

  • Multi gas configuration

  • With all connection cables and pressure sensors

  • Seperate line, valve, manometer for each gas

  • CE marked

Technical Features

- Front case cover is made of glass, has a lock and in an emergency glass may be broken to reach the valve.
- Valves are spherical and full-flow and designed to show its open-close position.
- There are fittings on the inlets and outlets of the valves to easily connect to the installation.
- When a failure occurs or maintenance is needed for valves, there is a BY-PASS unit to externally activate the system.
- Seperate line, valve and manometer for each gas
- Its position on flush mounting is adjustable

Gases and Service

- Oxygen
- Nitrous Oxide
- %50 Oxygen %50 Nitrous Oxide
- Medical Air (400 kPa)
- Surgical Air (700 kPa)
- Medical Vacuum
- Other gases (laboratory/industrial/dental)

Mounting Options

- Option of flush mounting and surface mounting
- Flush mounting and semi-surface mounting

Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance net with engineers, technicians of ARCMED provide high quality service and maintenance

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